Spoiled for choice – NSW spoil wagons – part eleven – NQAF / NDVF

Updated 3 October 2012

Just a quick update I should have posted a few weeks back.

Two more types of container flat have come to light that are used on spoil trains since the Spoiled for Choice series of blog posts.

This wagon type I first heard of a couple of years back, and had totally forgotten about – unfortunately though I don’t have any photos, but there are a handful on Flickr if you search. Photos are available of NDVF 4084G, and NDVF 4087K.

A friend (Trent Nicholson) managed to get this shot of the builder’s plate of an NDVF. Ten wagons were built in 2005 by UGL at the Goulburn Rolling Stock & Fabrication Centre, and they are a complete new build. As such I can only recommend an estimated scratch-build of this wagon.

Another more recent wagon type is the NQAF. This is an unusual wagon, which I understand are former NLJF “jewellery vans”, which in turn are former NLHX lourve vans. Railcorp had four of these jewellery vans, which travel at the end of concrete sleeper rakes, and have seats and equipment below floor level to allow pandrol clips to be placed on to newly laid track, but I have only ever seen NLJF 2072K in service. The other three (2071, 2073, and 2074) have been cut down and converted into NQAFs.

At this stage I only have the one, not so great photo of NQAF 2703C:

To model this, you could heavily kitbash an AR Kits or On Track Models HLX/NLHX louvre van. It probably would be easier though to scratch-build using one for measurements, and then convert the van to an interesting in itself NLJF.